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Check Bench Ltd provides LabVIEW solutions for you A.T.E, testing, automation, prototype, laboratory

Whilst we specialize in LabVIEW we can identify and select appropriate equipment for you and provide electronic and mechanical support where needed.


Our services



Our engineers are LabVIEW certified experts who provide solutions to your needs using LabVIEW.

LabVIEW is a graphic language in existence over 25 years from National Instruments (NI). It is designed to program software especially for laboratory equipment. It allows for quick and effective connection with laboratory equipment.

It is an advanced language which one can write real applications of automated tests at high level.

LabVIEW’s graphical user interface (GUI) is extremely user friendly, visually appealing and has a high quality feel to the final product.


Equipment / Protocol

Check Bench Ltd used much equipment and protocol over the years to develop the driver required by our clients.
Should the equipment you are using not appear here we can use LabVIEW to interface with your existing equipment to create what you need rapidly.


Automation Test Equipment

We work with you to build your personalized work station from beginning to ready-to-go test system


Our Clients

Over the years Check Bench Ltd has worked with different companies in various fields providing solution as needed.

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Technology Partners

National Instuments

For nearly 40 years, NI has worked with engineers and scientists to provide answers to the most challenging questions. Through these pursuits, NI customers have brought hundreds of thousands of products to market, overcome innumerable technological roadblocks, and engineered a better life for us all. If you can turn it on, connect it, drive it, or launch it, chances are NI technology helped make it happen.


Spider Engineering

Spider Engineering was founded in 2012 by Joseph Ilan Makmel as a continuation to TEG Solution company that provided design services to RAFAEL, ELBIT & Applied Materials.

Tk Open Systems (TkOS)

Tk Open Systems (TkOS) provides contract software and hardware development services, primarily for Linux and associated Open Source technologies. TkOS incorporated in 1996 and as of December 2013 we employ 30 salaried employees.


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